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Overview of facilities

Sun Meadows Kiyosato is located in the highlands of Yamanashi Prefecture. It is easily accessible at just two hours from the center of Tokyo and the air is wonderfully fresh. Take the Panorama Lift to the top of the mountain and then relax on the outdoor sofas of Kiyosato Terrace. Here you get a stunning view of the Southern Alps and Mount Fuji. The unrivalled vista at Kiyosato Café is not to be missed, so come in and indulge yourself with pancakes and fruit. Be sure to try the Kiyosato Kogen Natural Buffet at Sundance at the foot of the mountain and savor fresh local vegetables. The combination of exceptional flavors is exquisite, and everyone is embraced in a warm welcome.

Kiyosato Terrace

Here you can get a panoramic view of the Kiyosato highlands from a peak altitude of 1,900m. The vista extends from the green Kiyosato and Nobeyama plateaus to Mount Fuji and the Southern Alps. The scene is sure to invigorate.


Panorama Lift

The Panorama Lift connects the center rest house at the foot of the mountain with Kiyosato Terrace at the peak. The lift is 1,100m long and climbs around 300m. The air is incredibly fresh the higher you go while the ride down offers a spectacular view of the Kiyosato and Nobeyama plateaus as well as the Chichibu mountain range. 

Flower Lift

The Flower Lift runs for 520m connecting the foot of the mountain with Kiyosato Café halfway up. A bed of wild grasses and flowers cover the ground.

* Only operates during the summer holidays


Restaurant Sundance

Be sure to try the Kiyosato Kogen Natural Buffet at Sundance, which uses only the freshest of ingredients, especially vegetables that are sent direct from local farmers. The extensive original menu including salads and other healthy dishes is divided into six different sections based on themes. There are also sweets and drinks sections with many choices to keep you happy.

Kiyosato Bakery

Delicious homemade bread is baked at an altitude of 1,600m and the bakery is constantly filled with the sumptuous aroma of freshly baked bread. A special morning combo comes with salad and coffee, and you can also choose from a selection of drinks, full meals and light meals. The food also makes a great gift. 

Kiyosato Café

Kiyosato Café at the end of the Flower Lift is decked out with a beautiful, warm wooden design. Take in the Yatsugatake mountain range, which rises to over 1,700m, while enjoying the signature dish, fruit pancakes, full of fresh local fruit from Yamanashi, one of Japan’s preeminent fruit-growing regions. The café also serves sandwiches perfect for breakfast, grilled foods, herb tea and other drinks.   

* Only open during the summer holidays


Kiyosato Marche has a fine selection of jams, sweets, Japanese sake and wine, handicrafts and outdoor goods made from local Yamanashi materials. Being one of the largest stores in the region, you can take your time and enjoy every minute of your shopping. 


Different flowers like lilies and geraniums bloom in each season at the top of the mountain and around the Flower Lift. The walking course showcases the beautiful green of early summer, and visitors can also try kayaking in summer. Star Watching events are held at limited times, with the 1,900m altitude providing the perfect locale to view the heavens.

Access MAP

By car:Chuo Expressway Hachioji IC→Nagasaka IC→Kiyosato Kogen Way→Sun Meadows Kiyosato Ski Resort(2hr)

By train:
ShinjukuStation→Kiyosato Station(2hr30min)→Taxi(5min)→Sun Meadows Kiyosato Ski Resort