About A premium view at an altitude of 1900m.
Sun Meadows Kiyosato is located at the highest point in the Kiyosato area.You will surely enjoy the vast “Yatsugatake Blue Sky”,
and the breaking view of Mount Fuji and Nobeyama Highland.

Cafe For the Terrace Café, we arranged high-qualified tables and sofas to create your luxury relaxing time.
Please enjoy our Café Menus like” Original Parfait” or “Special Smoothie".
May 23 - July 3 9:30-16:00
July 4 - November 8 9:00-16:30 *from August 1 to 16 8:00-16:30

Premium Seat 5 premium sofas are available by reservation.
Please flop down and enjoy a relaxing time in the magnificent scenery.

Access & Info

Kiyosato Terrace is located in Sun Meadows Kiyosato.
20 min. from Chūō Expressway Nagasaka I.C., 7min. from KiyosatoJR Station.The Panorama Lift boarding point beside “Center House” of the foot area,about 10 min. to reach the peak “Kiyosato Terrace”.
Operation Period
May 23 - November 8, 2020
Operating Time
May 23 - July 3 9:30-16:00 (Last ascent at 15:30)
July 4 - November 8 9:00-16:30 (Last ascent at 16:00)
*from August 1 to 16 8:00-16:30 (Last ascent at 16:00)
Riding Time
about 10 minute
Adults (Junior high school students or older): 1,600yen
7-12 years old (Elementary school students): 1,200yen
3-6 years old: 1,000yen